How Can Managed Website Hosting Improve My Real Estate Website Performance

All of these things can be overwhelming and very stressful, especially if you have to do them on your own. In this article, we’ll explain why is so important to have excellent, stable hosting for your website, with real people looking over it 24/7.

If you’re like thousands of other real estate professionals that want to have a beautiful and optimized website but don’t have time to handle all the techy stuff, you definitely need a dedicated team of experienced professionals that can handle everything for you, but at a reasonable price.

5 Major Pain Points That Every Real Estate Professional Wants to Solve

Based on our 7+ years of experience in working with real estate professionals, we’re closely familiar with the struggles real estate professionals go through when they are choosing a website developer or agency and hosting company for their new website.

While looking back into feedback from our past and current clients, we came up with 5 main pain points every real estate professional wants to be addressed:


Every person, not just real estate professionals, doesn’t want to spend more than what’s reasonable for what they need. They don’t want to spend more simply because there are lots of options they’ll never use.


They want their website to run fast and without hiccups; be able to handle sudden traffic spikes and one of the main features many agents love – is IDX property search.

Peace of Mind

They want to just own the website and be sure that someone is looking over it 24/7 and making sure it’s always online, with backups available anytime in the case something unpredictable happens.


They want to make sure that their website is properly secured and constantly monitored by the hosting provider to prevent all the possible malicious login tries, brute-force attacks, etc.


They want to have a real person on the other side of the line in case something bad happens with their website or simply when they have some questions.

Wizzagent Advantages Over Other Agencies and Providers

Wizzagent is not only a web design agency specializing in real estate websites based on WordPress, but we’re hosting experts with more than 13 years of experience.

Our hosting stack is completely custom, built by our in-house team, and optimized for top performance when it comes to hosting real estate websites based on WordPress. We don’t host our clients on shared servers. Our infrastructure is configured and optimized for each client, with their own guaranteed server resources in their own isolated environment.

Our tech team monitors the whole infrastructure and every website on the network 24/7, across our 17 data centers.

Built for WordPress

The server stack is configured for WordPress hosting only, with the strong configuration required by real estate types of websites. Monitored automatic core and module updates are just one part of the puzzle.

Server Level Caching

Caching is configured on a server level and there is no need for additional caching plugins in order for your website to run fast and get good marks on GT Metrix or Google PageSpeed Insights tests.

Secured Like Fort Knox

Website security is never questioned. That’s the first and basic requirement we take care of for each and every website. Websites are protected from viruses and malware attacks, along with active DDoS protection.

Automatic S3 Backups

We’re very serious about backups and our system automatically backups every website, every day at 3 AM (PST). The last 30 backups are always available (30 days retention period) for a quick restore in case something bad happens.

Managed SSL Certificates

Free Let’s Encrypt certificates are included with every website. Every certificate is automatically verified and updated.

Premium DNS

Each domain’s DNS zone is taken care of by StackPathTM Edge Network – the fastest DNS service out there.

Uptime Monitoring

Websites are automatically checked from every 5min. to as frequent as every 60sec. In case a website is down for more than 5min, we’re automatically notified and act right away. Our support team will identify the issue that caused downtime and make the necessary updates to get the website back online and prevent the issue from happening again.

Unlimited Support

The Professional WordPress support team is the core of Wizzagent – from designers and developers to the support team. We live and breathe WordPress, we speak WordPress.

The support team is available 24/7 via support tickets and emails; live chat and phone during business hours.

Wizzagent support team will handle any task for you, such as:

  • Technical and Billing questions and issue
  • Website updates (themes, plugins, etc.)
  • Adding new or updating existing pages, posts, listings, etc.
  • Coordinate tasks between the teams
  • …and more

Have Any Questions?

As you can see there are a lot of benefits of managed hosting and what Wizzagent can do for you. Yes, managed services cost a bit more than traditional hosting, but as part of Wizzagent, besides all the real estate tools (listings manager, automatic home valuation, area pages, CRM, etc) you also get fantastic hosting and unlimited professional support.

If you have any questions or are interested to try out our services – you can book a free consultation with your potential personal assistant.

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