Features & Perks

Wizzagent combines a full platform for your website with a fast execution.

Personal Assistant

Single point of contact between you and the rest of the team.

You don’t have to worry about the website. That’s our job. Have a dedicated pair of eyes on your website and have yourself focused on what you do best.

Single point of contact

You assistant is there to capture all your enquiries, requests, questions, suggestions, etc. and point you into right direction.

Organize and coordinate

Assistant will organize and manage all the tasks that needs to be done within your website or within new project, and report back to you.

Assistant is developer/designer

Personal assistants are not the sales people. We don't have those. They are most likely the people that will directly work on your website.


Always available via email and ticket support. Availability via live-chat and phone are only during business hours.

Unlimited Support

Any request you have, we’ll take care of it.

You don’t have to login to your website’s backend — ever. We’ll take care of every task you might have, from most simple ones, to to more complex ones.

What’s covered in the monthly fee:

What’s not covered in the monthly fee:

Custom Design

Stand out from the crowd with custom, unique and modern design.

Not matter what package you chose, your website will be modern, optimized and functional. In website packaged higher than Starter, you’ll receive either custom homepage (Semi-custom package) or fully custom website (Custom and Enterprise packages).

All custom pages we do are no reused, templated solutions. The pages are fully custom, designed and built from scratch, by professional designers.

Managed Hosting

Premium hosting solution, tailored for real estate website hosting.

Our 12 years of experience in hosting and web design and 7 years in the real estate industry, allowed us to built custom hosting network, specifically for real estate websites based on WordPress.

Websites we build and host are fast, optimized and secured.

Core hosting features:

Website Optimization

Optimize speed and security of your website.

Every aspect of website optimization is taken care of by our team, hand by hand.

Speed Optimization

We use GT Metrix and Google PageSpeed Insights to test and optimize websites. We always aim for minimum 92/100 mark.

Security Optimization

Beside built-in DDoS protection, websites are secured from brute-force attacks, false login attempts, etc.

Integrated anti-virus and anti-malware protection keeps bad scripts away.

In the case of any type of breach we’ll take care of cleaning the infected files and apply additional security measures to prevent future attacks of the same type, with no additional charge.


Connect 3rd party applications.

We don’t have a strict list of 3rd party applications we can integrate with the website. You can contact us with any of the applications you need integrated and we’ll take a look at it right away.

Type of the applications we can integrate are CRM’s, IDX, live-chat, etc.


Expand functionalities of your website.

At this point, there are only a couple of addons on our pricing page, which you can order either during the checkout process or any time later. These addons include either an additional service (logo creation, interactive map, etc) or custom work.

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