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Ryan Vollmar  

"We had an about 5 years old website and we wanted to refresh it with new look and some new features. We took Dusan's (our Wizzagent assistant) advice and went for full website rebuild. Very satisfied with the end result and communication with Dusan."

George Kahari  

"Wizzagent is probably the only real estate webdesign agency that provides fully managed service. They take care of the whole website building process, optimization and post launch ongoing support. For me, it's completely on auto-pilot."

Eric Donnelly  

"I've been working with Dusan for couple of years on different website development projects. This time we took it even further with building websites for our real estate clients - from single agents and realtors to brokerages and 100+ people teams."

David Rolf  

"Life of an real estate agent can be very busy and stressful and sometimes you just can't dedicate more time to work on your website. That's were Wizzagent comes in. They will take care of your website from top to bottom like it's their own."

Henry Miles  

"When I first came up with Wizzagent and their "personal assistant" approach, it was just too good to be true. Especially with what you get for not so high price tags. You literally get a virtual assistant worth $2k+/month for the price of hosting."

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